I have a highly evolved gene for cynicism and therefore regard creams made by plastic surgeons with suspicion. After all, if their creams really worked, they'd be rendering their main source of income (putting people under the knife) unnecessary. I have been proved wrong by Nutra Luxe MD Plus and what's more there are some good anti-aging products for men.

I haven't tried Nutra Luxe Men Only Daily Moisturizer and Skin Protector but would recommend it as much for what is not in it as what is. It has, like the rest of the range, no chemicals. Nutra Luxe goes out of its way to boast that the products are paraben-free, but in fact there aren't any preservatives at all. This is extremely rare in my experience, but a relief since most of the known irritants and toxins in cosmetics are preservatives.

What about what is in it? Some good anti-oxidants: astraxanthin, green tea, sea kelp, palmitoyl pentapeptides and coenzyme Q10. There is also DMAE, vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid and retinol. There is SPF 30 sunscreen and my only quibble with this product is that the active sunscreen ingredients are not named.

Nutra Luxe Men also has an ingredient that is apparently relatively new to cosmetics. This is lutein, a carotenoid found in leafy, green vegetables.