I've been using Oraia Anti-aging Intensive Regeneration Complex ($225 for 1.7oz) for about four weeks. I have been trying it out on the right side of my face and the results are really good. Firmer skin, a very noticeable reduction in fine lines and a nice healthy glow overall. In fact, the results are good enough to justify the price. However, in the interests of full disclosure, I should admit that the charming head of marketing at Oraia sent me a free sample.

I've written about some of the 22 active ingredients in Oraia in an earlier post. Two of the most interesting are aminoguanidine and L-superoxide dismutase. In one animal study, aminoguanidine improved collagen content in the arterial walls by up to 30%. Most studies on this ingredient seem to have been conducted on Alzheimer's and diabetes patients and it seems that aminoguanidine prevents a process called 'cross-linking' of proteins. Superoxide dismutase is the body's own anti-oxide enzyme. It renders free radicals harmless by converting them into hydrogen peroxide, which in turn becomes water and

There is also a host of plant extracts, such as ursolic acid (found in plants such as basil and cranberries), an anti-inflammatory and cancer cell fighter, and cassia angustifolia, an anti-inflammatory that sometimes crops up as an acne cure (although it is far better known as a laxative).

Vitamin B complex features high up in the ingredients list and there are also vitamins C and E. There are wine and black currant anti-oxidants. Plus a good amino-acid called proline. Finally, there is absolutely nothing to dislike; not a nasty preservative to be seen.

I will most certainly buy this product when my freebie runs out. Oraia products are sold through spas. There is a list on the Oraia website or you can try to order a trial size for $27 direct by going to the link below.