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Reviewed and recommended: Perfect Ageless for aging hands

February 3, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
I have been pondering aging hands for a while now and am so dissatisfied with most hand creams that I have resorted to a different approach. I have started using Dr Ci:Labo's Perfect Ageless face cream as a hand cream and I think this may prove to be a little touch of genius.

So how did I come to the conclusion that Perfect Ageless could be my new hand cream solution. This was my thought process. Products that are sold as hand creams are OK at the job of moisturizing but not much else. Now don't get me wrong, moisturizing is necessary and most of the problems that beset nails and cuticles are caused by dryness. However, this still doesn't get to the heart of the issue: aging hands. It struck me that all that research into age defying ingredients for the face could be extended to hands. This turned out to be too simplistic.

The skin of the hands tends to be thin - and getting thinner. So the last thing I want to do is use a cream such as a retinol or a product containing AHAs because they act as an exfollient; they force new cell regeneration, but thin the skin and increase the risk of sunburn.

The solution could, therefore, be a product that takes a different approach to aging. I looked around for something that was rich in anti-oxidants and collagen boosting ingredients. Dr Ci:Labo's Perfect Ageless fit the bill. It contains three powerful anti-oxidants: coenzyme Q10; palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, otherwise known as matrixyl; and fullerenes. Now fullerenes (fullerenes C60 to be precise) is the controversial ingredient that was used in Zelens Skin Science. Zelens has now reformulated its product without fullerenes C60. Fullerenes are large carbon molecules that some people claim could be harmful based on a study on fish. Against that, there are toxicology studies that suggest it is safe. Furthermore, it is known as the radical scavenger, the most powerful anti-oxidant known to man.

Finally, Perfect Ageless contains collagen. It is also worth noting what it doesn't contain. No silicones or parabens.

Best of all, my hands look as if I have just had one of those heavy-duty manicures.

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