For the past 10 days or so, I have been trying out Satin Hydration Therapy by Neero & Ana. It is a pillow case made of bridal quality satin acetate and the idea is that it will not, unlike cotton, absorb valuable moisture while you sleep and leave you with dry, brittle hair.

My pillowcase was a gift from Neero & Ana and it arrived beautifully packaged. The first night was a bit odd. I wasn't used to the slippery shininess. After about a week, however, I was convinced. Each morning, I awoke to hair that felt soft and my cheeks no longer had the indentation of pillow creases.

Deciding to be my own control group of one, I spent the last two nights with a cotton pillow case (600 thread, mind you) and woke up looking wild and woolly. My conclusion is that Satin Hydration Therapy is simple and effective. It's a must if you have dry, chemically-treated hair. The acid test? Yes, I would certainly buy one ($29 for a single standard).