Every once in a while, something actually lives up to the hype, the inner curmudgeon is thwarted and faith in humanity restored. The Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer TGR 4000i does exactly as billed - and more. It is quite simply the hair hardware equivalent of the Tesla Roadster: fast, quiet and green.

It was lateral thinking that took me to the Sedu. Despairing over another frizzy hair day, I somehow resisted the urge to throw out all my shampoos and conditioners. I am forever trying out new ones in the hope that they will produce the sleekness and shine that eludes me. Then suddenly the thought occurred to me that the problem might be my hairdryer.

The Sedu promised to reduce frizz by 90%. I was skeptical, to say the least. Until, that is, I came across review after testimonial raving about the Sedu's fizz-free results. I desperately wanted to believe them. I wanted to stop looking as if I carry around my own, personal static force-field.

I took the Sedu out for a spin this morning. Frankly, this is the best $139.95 I've spent in a while. Today, I have the hair I should always have had: soft, shiny waves. I am (pun intended) blown away.

The Sedu is made from tourmaline, a silicate mineral. This is a natural source of negative ions and electricity. The negative ions counterbalance the positive ions that come with frizz. One of things that they do is break down water molecules so that some of them are small enough to enter the hair shaft and your locks retain moisture.

Investing in a Sedu is a good way to green your routine. By breaking down water molecules, negative ions help dry hair faster. Much, much faster. And that means, as well saving you time, that you are using less juice.

There are lots of tourmaline dryers on the market and I honestly can't say what makes Sedu such a good one. I can say that it is the best hairdryer I have ever used.