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Reviewed and recommended: Sexy Hair Organics Shampoo

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Oily Hair, Thinning Hair & Shedding, Dry or Brittle Hair
June 4, 2009 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
If reading this review feels eerily of  deja vu, there is a good reason. A few weeks ago I reviewed and recommended the Sexy Hair Organics line of conditioners and conditioning products, in which I gave a  thumbs-up recommendation. Sexy Hair is one of the big players in the "cutting edge" hair care product market, and it carries a broad and comprehensive product line.....everything from hair sprays to serums to muds to shampoos and conditioners. What sparked my interest however, was their new sulfate free, petrochemical free, highly organic line of hair care products which is appropriately called Sexy Hair Organics. The Organics line includes serums, volumizers, shampoos, moisture "boosters", conditioners, etc....  and my earlier review focused just on the conditioners and conditioning products. Now it is time to review the shampoo's which I have also been testing, but I will give you the short version of why I am so pleased to have found the Sexy Hair Organics line.

My annual New Years Eve resolutions have evolved into adopting one single "do-able" behavior change which relates to improved mental or physical health. In 2009, it was a promise to eliminate products which contained sulfates from my home, but I quickly found sulfates lurking in almost every "cleanser" known to mankind. Early on I thought I would have to sacrifice quality and variety and pay a lot more in order to achieve my 2009 sulfate-free resolution. Surprisingly, I have found quite the opposite, and my skin and hair have never looked or felt better.

I stumbled onto the Sexy Hair website and found the list of Sexy Hair Organics products.  It isn't that I hadn't heard of Sexy Hair.... they have a huge marketing presence and hipsters from all across the globe swear by Sexy Hair. I just didn't realize that the Sexy Hair products (and the Sexy Hair Organics line in particular) could be so GOOD for your hair, your scalp, your wallet, and the planet! The Organics line is my favorite as it specifically avoids sulfates and other nasty ingredients, and it also incorporates large percentages (40% - 90%, depending on the product) of honest-to-goodness organics into each product.  The company also uses recycled materials in the construction of the packaging.

Throughout April and early May I tested five different Sexy Hair Organics and/or Sexy Hair sulfate-free shampoos designed for color treated hair, and they were all winners for slightly different reasons.  I don't shampoo my waist length color treated hair daily, but the very gentle Organics Daily Shampoo (with companion Organics Daily Conditioner) cleansed my hair thoroughly with one application, without stripping it of shine and healthy moisture, and it had a great clean fragrance. I even used a bit of the daily shampoo on my loofah as a sulfate-free body wash, and it left my skin feeling delightfully fresh and moisturized.

Next was a test of the Sexy Hair Chocolate Soy shampoo, and if you are a chocolate nut (like I am), this is a GREAT way to start your day!  The Sexy Hair Chocolate Soy shampoo is aptly  smells quite strongly but in my opinion quite pleasantly of powdered chocolate drink mix (think Nestle Quik), although my hair did not retain the chocolate scent after it had dried. What the Chocolate Soy shampoo did leave, however, was hair which was extra soft and pliable, and my scalp was clean but deeply moisturized as well.

I also *"cautiously" tested the Sexy Hair Violet "color enhancing" shampoo, which is designed to be used just every few weeks to tone down any brassiness or yellowing in either color treated or graying hair. To my surprise (and great relief), the neon violet-colored shampoo worked exactly as designed, and neither my blond highlights nor my graying-at-the-side temples turned into a Barney-purple disaster. If you have color treated hair and have avoided using a "color enhancing" shampoo, I can relate. This particular brand worked wonderfully for me, but I can't vouch for other "enhancing" shampoo products and I don't know how color enhancing products work with deeply processed or double processed hair, so a "test" on a small strand or on the hair left in your hairbrush might be the smart, safe, strategy.

Speaking of color treated, I  also tested the Color Me Sexy Colorset line of shampoos.... the Moisturizing shampoo, and the Volumizing Shampoo.  They also worked well, although the Moisturizing shampoo really did as promised and my hair was a bit heavier than usual as a result. Perhaps the Color Me Sexy Colorset Moisturizing shampoo is a little "too" effective for me for daily use, but a really nice way to restore moisture after a day at the beach or a chemical treatment.  The Volumizing shampoo also worked exactly as advertised... just know that it works by leaving a very fine film coating on the hair shaft (thus the volume) and my hair didn't stay as clean as it normally between shampoos. Perfect for those "big hair" events, or for someone who shampoos at least every other day.

The only product missing from the line is an effective sulfate-free dandruff shampoo (I have however, located some winners, so stay tuned), but all in all, I was absolutely delighted with the Sexy Hair Organics products and the impressive variety of specialty products from which to choose.

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