And you thought you had to be a rock star to use the SexyHair line of shampoo and conditioners!

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last five years, you couldn't have missed seeing the videos and funky fun promotional material from SexyHair (formerly Ecoly® International and Sexy Hair Concepts®). Everyone is young and beautiful, wearing edgy hair styles and uber hip clothing, which is doubly convenient since everyone also seems to have a recording contract and/or a professional dance gig.  Me.... not so much. The last time I sang publicly was during the crowd rendition of "take me out to the ballgame" for the 7th inning stretch, and my last professional dance gig was, hmmm, never.

But beautiful healthy hair is not just for 20-somethings.... it is for anyone and everyone....and nothing makes you look and feel more terrific from head to toe than a "great hair day".  But aging really does change the texture of hair, and typically that means a courser hair shaft and often a more moisture-rich hair care regime. When I found out that SexyHair had launched the sulfate-paraben-petrochemical- free "Organics" line of hair care products, I knew it was time for this aspiring Rapunzel to get into the spirit and give SexyHair products a try.  What I DIDN'T know however, was that there were so many products in the SexyHa irOrganics product line, and that many of the "regular" SexyHair products were ALSO sulfate and paraben free. At last count I am reviewing nearly a dozen products, so this testing cycle is taking longer than first imagined, and it will be organized it into two categories for two separate reviews: a) SexyHair shampoo vs b)all other tested SexyHair hair-care products. Today is all about the "non-shampoo" SexyHair products.

First, of course, is the requisite nerd report. Had the ingredients list contained no-no chemicals, it wouldn't matter how well the products worked, but there is nothing in anything I tested that struck me as even borderline.  In fact, the SexyHairOrganics line is comprised of gentle conditioners, great botanicals, no petro-chemicals, relatively few chemicals of ANY kind, and each product clearly lists the percentage of honestly "organic" ingredients, right on the label. I am always surprised at how many "organic" products are "organic" in name only..... but this is not the case for SexyHairOrganics. The "organic" content percentage varies across the different SexyHairOrganic products, but percentages typically start in the 70%'s, and go up impressively from there.... plus SexyHairOrganic incorporates 25 to 35% post-consumer recycled materials into the manufacturing of their packaging, and the resulting package is 100% recyclable. Note: speaking of packaging, the ONLY thing that I am not wild about with the SexyHairOrganics products is that they are not travel friendly....every single product I have tested has a tiny bit of "leakage", and I have resorted to storing everything in individual plastic zipper-bags, even under my bathroom vanity.

So far everything tested in the "non-shampoo" category has been a clear thumbs up, but there are some real standouts.

The SexyHairOrganics Daily Conditioner did an admirable job for me, even though I am not typically a "daily" shampoo/conditioner type gal.  But it was the SexyHairOrganics Leave-In Conditioner and SexyHairOrganics Mouisture Treatment which really knocked my shower thongs off.... either and/or both did an amazing job in minutes. The Leave-In Conditioner and the MoistureTreatment * (*my personal favorite)  left my hair silky and manageable from root to tip right away, amazing since my hair is nearly waist length and color treated.  Yet the products didn't gum up my hair, and it stayed clean and shiny between my twice-weekly shampoos.  I also tried the SexyHairOrganics Moisture Boost (you can add a small portion to any of the other above products) for extra conditioning, but since the other two products did such a complete job of hydrating my hair, the SexyHairOrganics Moisture Boost was really unnecessary. (Perhaps SexyHairOrganics Moisture Boost would be a good product to add before or after chemical processing).

One other product that really pleasantly surprised this low-maintenance gal was the SexyHairOrganics Volumizing Mouse. Apparently styling products have evolved a bit since the 1960's advent of Dippity-Do.....(and don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about).... the Volumizing Mouse is perfect for a special occasion when Big Hair or added control is necessary.  It really DOES add volume but hair remains flexible.... just don't expect hair to stay "clean" for the same length of time. For "daily" use, I preferred the SexyHairOrganics Styling Cream.... a light leave-in product that added shine and eliminated any possibility of frizz or fly-aways.

Hands down, the SexyHairOrganics product line is a winner in my and impressive ingredients, reasonable pricing, and a product that made my hair look and feel terrific.

SexyHair shampoo's review to follow.... stay tuned... and then on to the SexyHair "Ecoly Supernatural Formula" line later this summer.