Skinn Wet Lips Super Shine Gloss ($12.50) is one of those products that is remarkable for what it doesn't have and surprising for what it does. This lip gloss is mostly squalane. I keep going back to peek at the ingredients list because I can't quite believe that the dominant ingredient is a high quality moisturizing oil.

Next up there is vitamin E. There is aloe, almond oil, sandalwood and peppermint. And that is just about it. No chemicals, waxes, parabens or other unwanted preservatives. The opportunity to say that a lip gloss might actually be good for you and certainly won't do evil doesn't come along very often.

On an aesthetic level, the high shine glitter of this gloss may not be to everyone's taste. In which case, you could do worse than take a look at Skinn's Collagen Boosting Platinum Lipstick ($8.50). This does have a slew of conventional lipstick ingredients such as waxes and silicone. But it also boasts a peptide, vitamin E and some nice oils..