It was not love at first sight when I first met the Stop radio-frequency powered anti-aging device. In fact, you could go so far as to say we got off on the wrong foot. On opening the box, I pulled out a flimsy black and gold thing that looked like a rather tacky vibrator. The gel that must be applied before using the device is gross. I then tried to use the Stop - for a full 15 minutes - with the protective cover still on. Though that says rather more about me than Stop.

Ever since Copley wrote about the Stop a few weeks ago, I have been keen to see how it would compare with Baby Quasar, an at-home anti-aging device that has now become a regular in my arsenal of weapons against wrinkles. Although the Baby Q uses infra-red light and Stop uses radio frequencies to generate heat, they both claim to tighten the surface skin and penetrate deep below to boost collagen renewal. Baby Q achieves this in my experience, but would Stop work as well?

My results with Stop (once I'd collected my wits and taken the cover the off) were actually pretty good. The skin definitely looks clearer and feels tighter. I did a side-by-side comparison with the Baby Q and performed the pinch test (take a firm pinch of cheek or jowl skin to see if it feels discernibly firmer than pre treatment). Stop had made a difference, but I must admit that the Baby Q side of my face showed more resistance to the pinch.

I would recommend Stop, but with a couple of reservations. Stop's radio frequency power is called Tripollar, which is a new technology that is less aggressive than older versions. Nevertheless, I found that it gets quite hot and you need to regulate the heat by juggling between the low, medium and high settings. My forehead got rather pink before I realized that this juggling has to be a full-time occupation. The gel is a slimy gunk that I found fairly unpleasant, but I am pleased to say that I had no adverse reactions to it. Finally, the price point, which currently converts from UK Stirling to about $1,000, is way too high. If and when Stop launches in the US, I think it will have to be much closer to the $300-$400 of the Baby Q.