If Sustainable Youth's trio of products was a guy, I'd be having a glass of wine right now with a close friend and confiding something along the lines of this: "I really like him. He's really sweet." And my friend would cock a quizzical brow and say; "but?" OK so my pulse isn't racing. To be fair though, that's not something you expect from a face cream. True, but however much I like Sustainable Youth's serum and cream, I am not sure I've found my cosmetic soul mate.

I am getting ahead of myself a bit. First, I should tell you a bit more about Sustainable Youth and my trial. Sustainable Youth is a new brand that recently launched with a Revitalizing Serum, Performance Elasticity Cream and supplements. The key active is aloe vera, extracted from the rind. Aloe is a powerful anti-inflammatory and Sustainable Youth's anti-aging philosophy is that if you balance and reinforce the immune system with anti-inflammatories you will have healthy, improved skin. There is science to back this up. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a wide range of diseases including heart disease, amongst others. Inflammation can also lead to oxidative stress. Meanwhile, the University of Mississippi’s  pioneering division that researches pharmaceuticals from natural products has isolated immune-stimulating extracts within the rind of the aloe plant.

The nice people at Sustainable Youth gave us a clutch of Elasticity Creams that we paired up with either serums or supplements to send out to testers (reviews from our readers are trickling in, so over the next few days and weeks you'll be able to compare notes). I was given the cream, serum and supplements  (that's for being the poo-bah editor).

I have been using the serum and cream on the left side of my face for the past month (on the right, I've been using ReLuma and Glo Therapeutics). I've also been dutifully taking my supplements every day. Both sides look exactly same as far as I can tell. Same thing with the pinch test. I don't think that team Sustainable Youth is doing much for wrinkles at all. However, it is doing a better job at smoothing out skin tone, moisturizing and giving me soft skin than team ReLuma/Glo.

I have a feeling that elasticity may show improvement with continued use. So I'm not going to dump my new date. In fact, I'm going to stick with it until the bottles are finished (there seems to be plenty left) and see how I feel about things then. In the meantime, I would definitely recommend this to someone in their thirties, without deep wrinkles to worry about.  This is kind of skin care routine that may not deliver 'wow!' results right now, but may well set you up for the future.