Blusher or rouge should be approached with extreme caution, at least in my hands. It is all too easy to end up looking liking Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Band Bang when she pretends to be a wind-up doll. Not so with Tarte Cheek Stain. This really does leave a translucent hint of color, as though one was - fetchingly, of course - a little flushed. Thankfully, Tarte has brought out Cheek Stain in a new Natural Beauty version that is free from chemicals and has anti-oxidants from five super fruits: goji (also known as wolfberry), acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate.

This is a beauty product that is going out of it way to be behave responsibly (although I suppose the packaging will still be hanging around in 2000 years). The fragrance is natural, some shea butter has been added and some grape seed extract. Its practically an anti-aging cream. And not one single paraben or unwanted preservative in sight.