I reviewed Envision Beauty's The Solution Advanced Anti-Aging Complex ($74) for TIA's newsletter a few weeks ago, giving subscribers a sneak preview of my latest reviewed and recommended. Since I'd only been trying The Solution for a week or so, I promised to write a full review after giving it a bit longer. And then the bottle went missing.

Eventually, the mystery was solved. The Solution had been purloined by my husband. This was a new one - he never tries any of my potions unless I ask him to and, even then, he is most unwilling. Anyway, he has been trying to find a soothing aftershave and razor rash had driven him in desperation to raid my supplies.

Anyway, after initially thinking that the cream was too greasy (actually, he stills says he can feel it on the surface of his face all day), it has been given his (rarely given) seal of approval. His post-shaving face is soothed and hydrated. Also, I have to admit that I had noticed his skin was looking much more refreshed. As I did with my own complexion before the bottle went AWAL.

The best thing about The Solution is that it uses goji berry. I drink a couple of ounces of goji juice every morning because of its amazing antioxidant capacity - the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) of blueberries is 2,400, while for goji it is a whopping 25,000. It is only just starting to make its way into cosmetics and The Solution is one of the few that I've found so far. This potion also contains acai berry, which is mostly fatty acids, including oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. Another botanical is gotu kola, an anti-infammatory and wound healer (especially good at stimulating type 1 collagen).

Anti-agers include L-carnosine, a natural amino-acid that is a potent anti-oxidant, it helps to chelate ionic metals (flush toxins from the body). It also extends the Hayflick Limit.

In the newsletter review, I remarked on the fact that I found phenoxyethanol so near the top of the ingredients list to be a little alarming and I'd much prefer this product to be sans silicones. Kimberly Snyder, the founder of Envision Beauty wrote back to say: “Phenoxyethanol is used in a quantity of less than one tenth of one percent of The Solution. According to our scientists, it has a very good safety profile for an anti-microbial, which it is. It is not a stabilizer or a preservative. It is crucial to have a potent anti-microbial. It is illegal and you are banned from shipping any skincare products to Asian countries such as Japan SPECIFICALLY without phenoxyethanol.”