I don't like my feet. In fact, because they are ugly I mistreat them out of pure malice. Last week, I celebrated the arrival of warm weather by pushing my bare feet into my Pradas and headed - several times - back and forth across midtown. This so shredded them that even I felt remorse and sought to make amends. The happy ending to this story is that I found Thunder Ridge Neat Feet and a new source of reasonably priced emu oil products.

Thunder Ridge claims to be the biggest emu farm in the US. As well as pure emu oil, they have all sorts of emu oil based lotions and potions. I have become a recent convert to virtues of emu oil; it is very close to the oil in human skin.

Neat Feet also has grapefruit seed, willowbark, allantoin (comfrey),chamomile tea tree, eucalyptus and coriander. There is a little vitamin A and E as well.