I bought a pot of Aesop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream for three reasons: I like Aesop's shampoo that isn't a shampoo, but a scalp cleanser; it is dubbed the thinking person's moisturizer; it claims to be so preservative free that you are required to keep products in the refrigerator. In the end, though, I was disappointed.

In fact, Aesop Primrose does contain a preservative, one of the most irritating called phenoxyethanol. Apart from lavender (for which there is some evidence that it destroys cells), the ingredients are uncontroversial. They are also unremarkable. There are the usual things that make a cream a cream such as emulsifiers. There is primrose oil, sage, vitamin E, rosemary, grapefruit, wheat germ and macadamia.

I tried it for a few weeks, experimenting with it as a face, hand and neck cream. It did nothing for me. I then gave it to my husband, who's one grooming concession is to moisturize after shaving. The other day, he said: "that primrose cream is completely pointless." Given how low his expectations are, that capped it for me.