I was sent a trial sample of Dermadoctor Tease Zone and I am perplexed at every level. This product just leaves me with a bunch of questions (none of which I even care if I ever get answers to). Why has it got such a silly name? Why is the woman on the box dropping her hankie and winking? Most of all, why would anyone buy Tease Zone?

Despite all of this, I can be prone to shimmer (never shine, of course) in certain conditions and therefore gave it a try. It didn't work for me in eliminating excess oil, which is supposed to be its role in life. Looking at the ingredients, it would seem to be a miracle if it did work.

I've criticized Dermadoctor in the past for overloading products with ingredients. However, Tease Zone is minimalist in the extreme. It has three preservatives, two silicones, water, a humectant (keeps things moist!) and a stabilizer. There is only one ingredient that could be said to have any real purpose: TEA-carbomer, which is a pH balancer.