Dermalash by Dermaquest claims to offer benefits "similar" (which seems a bit tentative to me) to other eyelash treatment products but without the "scary ingredients" (such as glaucoma drugs, I presume). The problem is that I haven't found anyone saying it works and some reviewers say it doesn't do anything. Looking at the ingredients, I am not surprised and would certainly give this lash product a miss.

There are six or seven moisture retainers and lubricants; the extract of a plant called imperata cylindrica, which considered one of the ten worst weeds in the world (I suppose we should grateful that someone has found a use for it); wheat and soy protein; hexylene glycol and phenoxythanol (irritants); serenoa serrulata, which is saw palmetto and of the 70 studies conducted on it none were for hair growth; a small amount of biotin, which is connected to hair growth but can't be absorbed topically; and licorice.

UPDATE 4/22/2008: I have since actually tried out Dermlash and it does work. You can read my new review by clicking here.