I almost hit the buy button the moment I saw Dr Ci:Labo's Extreme Close Up 80 Point Stick. Given that uneven discoloration is by definition uneven, it seemed like a genius idea to develop a product that does specific targeting of age spots with a high concentration of ingredients. Then I remembered that I am no longer just a gullible and impulsive consumer, but an increasingly cynical one. I did my research and I have saved myself $40.

On the plus side, there is ceramide, a non-irritating form of vitamin C, and vitamin E. There are three problems with Extreme Close Up 80 Point Stick. The first is that most of the effort has gone into making it behave like a lipstick. This is achieved with ingredients like plastic (or polythene to the Brits), polyethelene gylcol (PEG) and wax. The second problem is that there are two other common lipstick ingredients that are irritants: Diisostearyl malate and glyceryl diisostearate. The last issue I have is that since all of the above are the only active ingredients shown, then I can't see what is really going to effectively treat discoloration.

And if those are the active ingredients, I'd hate to think what the inactive ones are. They must make up the packaging.