I had high hopes for Environ's Super Moisturizer because I like the Clay Masque by the same company. But after a week of using it I had break outs all over my face. Full disclosure: I have extremely sensitive skin (this week I developed an allergy to my watch strap - honestly), so first of all I had to be sure that Environ Super Moisturizer was the culprit.

I stripped back my regime to the bare - and trusted - basics (Tracie Martyn Amla Cleanser, Image Ageless serum, Ischia Thermae Eye Cream) and waited a week for everything to calm down. Then I did the 'behind-the-ear test'. Environ's moisturizer started to sting and itch within a couple of hours of dabbing it behind my left ear (the right ear, with a dab of Zelens, was fine).

Now I was curious to know which of the ingredients in Environ moisturizer I was reacting to (assuming one can be isolated; sometimes single ingredients can be benign and only cause an allergic reaction in combination). It contains some pretty standard cosmetic ingredients and I couldn't find any evidence to suggest that they are associated with allergies, such as caprylic/capric triglyceride, pentylene glycol (coconut oil) and jojoba seed oil.

Working down the list, I found that Environ Super Moisturizer contains petrolatum. Since buying this cream, I have discovered that petrolatum has been banned in Europe because it causes allergic reactions and also because it is considered to be a possible carcinogen.

Looks as if I have my culprit. From now on, I will take special care to see that petrolatum (or petroleum jelly) isn't in anything else that takes my fancy. In the US, one needs to be especially alert because the FDA (although it has banned petroleum in food) allows it in cosmetics. Many lipsticks contain it, which is  rather alarming. So do two of my recent posts, the Zim's Spa Gloves and Dremu's Deception.