To rise through the ranks of your average genetically-blessed women and attain the status of supermodel, you have to bring more to the table than mere good looks. Supermodels seem to turn everything they touch to gold, as they bound from signing an endorsement to hosting a popular TV show. Heidi Klum is no stranger to the supermodel rule of overreaching.

Klum has stamped her name on an anti-aging skincare line called In An Instant, which includes a foaming cleanser, a firming serum, a wrinkle smoother, a tinted moisturizer, an eye treatment, and a warming scrub. In An Instant is a complete 30-day skin system that purportedly produces instant results (hence the name), as well as long-term benefits. Its combination of products is meant to provide exfoliation, hydration, wrinkle reduction, lifting, firming, and pore minimizing - everything the skin could ask for to combat the effects of aging.

Navigating the In An Instant website is easy - your only option is the shopping cart. I did some digging beyond the In An Instant landing page and came across this curious nugget of testimonials. If what you see on this page drives you to purchase In An Instant, you must have found something that I am missing in the Before and After pictures. The photos are so incredibly identical, that I feel as if I'm playing a "find the missing microscopic imperfection" game as I search for differences.  Even more flagrantly useless is the Real Results section, which boasts that a full 100% of participants saw improvements within just one use and achieved more rosy skin after only ten minutes. No word yet on just how many participants made up that 100% and how the products affected their skin after prolonged use.

Aside from Heidi Klum's encouragement that In An Instant will make you feel more beautiful, there is zero substantial information about the product line. If you'd like to know what's in it, here's hoping that you enjoy a good mystery. When I tried to contact the company for information multiple times on different days, my efforts were thwarted by a persistent error message. Perhaps Guthy-Renker assumes that consumers will simply place their faith in Heidi Klum's remarkable ability to select the right ingredients to ward off signs of aging, since that's what supermodels are good at, no?

In An Instant is manufactured by Guthy-Renker, the infomercial gurus who plugged Proactive acne solution with a barrage of celebrity faces, including Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Williams. Like Proactive, purchasing In An Instant results in automatic enrollment in a skincare "club," which sends you a 90-day supply of the regimen every three months and bills you $29.95 for each month. (For the mathematically-challenged, the breakdown is $90 plus shipping four times a year, meaning that you will end up flushing more than $360 down the drain each year.)

Since the details of the program are only spelled out in fine print at the checkout, my guess is that more than a few customers have been duped by Guthy-Renker's clever scheme. Like me, they could not find a way to opt out of the club and probably did not want an additional shipment of products until they had fully tested the first round. You can imagine their irritation upon discovering a charge over $90 on their credit card statement for a purchase that they did not voluntarily make. Their only way out would be to endure the exasperating process of calling up the company and canceling the deal, as I was forced to do after I was roped in by the hype surrounding Proactiv and continued to receive regular unsolicited shipments for months after my purchase.

A program like In An Instant only makes sense if you a) are absolutely in love with an entire skincare range, not just one or two products, b) prefer the convenience of having your beauty regimen delivered to your doorstep over hand-picking individual items, and c) use up the entire contents of each bottle in time for the next round. I imagine that most women would have a hard time with part c, since life sometimes gets in the way of beauty regimens and it is hard to resist trying out new and different products that might be superior.

No product that arms the customer with inadequate information is worth endangering the skin with chemicals or irritants. Though it boasts a strong marketing team, In An Instant lacks transparency in all areas - customer service, active ingredients, and program details. Until Guthy-Renker prioritizes the quality of its skincare line over the endorsement of its supermodel, you'd best write this one off in an instant.