Kerastase Resistance Bain Age reminds me of L'Oreal Age Densiforce - and not in a good way. Densiforce makes  claims about delivering omega 6, which are not borne out by searching through the ingredients list. Kerastase is supposed to be a lipo-replenishing shampoo. There is some vitamin E in it, but that's about it beyond the usual surfecants, thickeners and solvents.

There is an ingredient that is anti-static and adds volume (also to be found in Densiforce) that is often used in baby shampoo. At least it is mild, in that case.

Unlike a couple of other ingredients: sodium benzoate, which the FDA limits in food products produces a carcinogen when it encounters vitamin C; and hexylene glycol, which can irriate the eyes and skin and is considered a hazardous material at the production level (so pity the chemical plant workers who make this stuff).