My attraction to Kevin Murphy's hair products was entirely due to the packaging. This isn't as superficial as it sounds. Although it is futuristic, masculine and - to me, anyway - kind of sexy, it is also eco-friendly recycled plastic and biodegradable. The problem is that they are entirely impractical and contain some ingredients that I'd rather not put on my head, as well as, ironically, some that are bad for the environment.

Sticky Business is a styling thingy that is all too aptly named. You'll need to wash your hair after a day with it. I think that it is really only suitable for the very wild and wooly or someone with a mohican. The things not to like include petrolatum, parabens (polluting of marine life) and diazolidinyl urea, an irritant. Plus the package is awkward to use.

For a really hard to use bottle try Staying Alive leave in conditioner. Admittedly, I have small hands, but I could hold it and spray at the same time. Still, if you want to give it a try, Kevin Murphy products are easy to come by in the UK (I was sent these by a friend) and Australia, but still uncommon in the US.