Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is a pre-wash conditioner that you leave on dry hair for half an hour before shampooing. I bought a few months ago but somehow only got around to trying it out yesterday. It definitely put the bounce back in my locks. The primary ingredient is olive oil, plus sesame, almond and walnut.

However, it made my scalp itch and it is itching as I write this. I've done some digging around and think I have found the culprits. Hydroxycitronellal is a perfume that is poisonous to fish and a contact allergen. Then there is isoeugenol, another perfume allergen that has been restricted since 1998. Philip B Rejuvenating Oil also contains benzyl benzoate, commonly used in insect killers and to be avoided by people with perfume allergies.

Another ingredient that I don't like the look of is butylated hydroytoluene (BHT). This is banned as a food additive in Europe and in the US it can't be used in baby food. Finally, there is geraniol - another perfume that should be avoided by those prone to allergies.

I can't believe I used this, let alone bought it without checking out the ingredients first. A lesson learned.