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Reviewed: Jan Marini Age Intervention Regeneration Booster

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
February 22, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 4 Comments

Jan Marini's Age Intervention Regeneration Booster costs about $200. For that you get the six little bottles  pictured above, each of which lasts one week. That means a year's supply would be somewhere in the region of $1,600. Can it possibly be worth it?

The great thing about Jan Marini is that she is always at the cutting edge of technology. The bad thing about Jan Marini is that she is always at the cutting edge of technology. Take the (now somewhat infamous) Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner. Boy does it work. Eyelashes grow like weeds. The problem is that it was based on a glaucoma drug (and later a reformulated analogue, but basically the same thing) that is classified as a drug and can have unwanted side-effects. I no longer use it.

Regeneration Booster is based on extremely new theories of aging. The problem is that they are completely unproven.

The secret sauce in Regeneration Booster is something called telomerase enzyme. Theories that telomerase is the key to unlocking anti-aging are heady and exciting but extremely out there. At least right now. Anyway, this is how the theory goes.

Telomeres extend off our DNA and look like shoe laces. They are often described as the clocks that regulate aging because they shorten as we age. When they become very short, they trigger cell crisis and cell death. Therefore, if we can stabilize telomeres we can control aging. Normally, dying cells can only divide and replace themselves around 52 times before reaching something called the Hayflick Limit. With telomeres, each dividing cell can replace its lost DNA and divide without bounds. As you can imagine, the possibilities of boundless cell growth is pretty damn exciting.

Sadly, it isn't a slam dunk. Recent research questions the role of telomeres in dividing cells. And even if they do, it doesn't automatically translate into anti-aging. Also, cells that divide themselves without restraint already exist: its called cancer.

For Jan Marini to put telomerase ezymes in a cream and say it will give you younger skin is a bit like trying to roll a rubber tree down a hill because you know it contains something that eventually can become a tire. Don't get me wrong, its all very interesting and telomeres are clearly something to watch. However, I wouldn't spend so much money on something that is, at this stage, so tenuously linked to anti-aging.
  • May 13, 2008

    by paul

    <p>Let's not forget that Jan Marini was not the first or most expensive product to use the telemorase enzyme.<br />
    Revive PEAU MAGNIFIQUE uses it in a much higher concentration but for $1,500 for a 28 day treatment.<br />
    It does make a difference and the results seem to continue to improve even after you finish using it.<br />
    People commented on my skin who had not done so before therefore it does have a positive effect.<br />
    A month later I am still getting positive feedback.<br />
    Is it worth $1500 ?<br />
    Probably not but the Jan Marini is only a snip of the price so I would probably get that one in 6 months time (no more than twice a year or you will grow another head)</p>

  • March 3, 2008

    by marta

    <p>I take it you meant that a portion of the revenue goes to animals in need, not the products. Unless you are on a mission to cure elephants of their wrinkles.</p>

  • March 3, 2008

    by shannon

    <p>This product is truly amazing and can be found at www.AgelessApple.comwhere a portion of the products goes to help animals in need. My skin looks more supple, smoother, and more youthful than any other time in my life!</p>

  • February 26, 2008

    by karensuvenal

    <p>This stuff rocks and it really works,I have tried 1000's of dollars of high end products nothing delivered immediate results as this,my skin glows, is plumped and looks younger and I have only used it a week.Jan Marini is the bomb!</p>

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