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Reviewed: Younger You by Eric R Braverman, MD

April 3, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
I met someone at a party who told me that I simply had to discover this amazing anti-aging guru called Dr Braverman.  When I first looked him up, I thought I might have a new victim for Dept of Daft. However, browsing his book, Younger You, led me to a couple of useful (although not spectacular) revelations.

Thanks to Dr Braverman, I discovered wolfberries. Much of Younger You extols the virtues of the 'rainbow diet' which basically means eating lots of fruit and vegetables and recognizing that being even 10-20 pounds overweight will have an impact on how well your body and brain ages.

The more interesting part is his notion of an 'age map'. His idea is to identify whatever aspect of you is aging most rapidly and treat that first (even if you go to him ostensibly with other symptoms). Once you have stopped (even reversed, he claims) your most advanced aging symptoms the rest of you will start to improve too.

You can work out where decreptitude is striking by going through a series of questions under the headings or brain power, cardiovascular, modulating systems (hormones and menopause, for example) and musculoskeletal. There is a scoring system and the categories with the highest score are those which are aging most rapidly. Mine were dopamine levels and dermatopause (aging skin; no surprises there). Although I am happy to say that both scores were 40, which is less than my actual age and means by body is in reasonably good nick. Nevertheless, the idea is to focus on those areas (loads of vegetable anti-oxidants are coming my way) and then move onto the next highest number. In my case that was menapausal symptoms, with a modest score of 30.

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