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January 5, 2010 Reviewed by admin 1 Comment
RevitaLash was created by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff for his wife who had lost her eyelashes due to chemotherapy.

Fun Facts:

Athena Cosmetics, parent company of RevitaLash, donates a portion of their profits to breast cancer charities.

RevitaLash is a cruelty-free company.

Company News/Recent Launches:

In August, 2009, Athena Cosmetics filed a lawsuit against Allergan, creators of prescription-only eyelash product Latisse.

Since creating RevitaLash, Athena Cosmetics has created Mascara by RevitaLash and Hair by RevitaLash, a hair conditioner.

Key Ingredients:

RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner contains panthenol, a moisturizing ingredient that may promote hair growth.

Hair by RevitaLash contains ginkgo biloba and ginseng root.

TIA's Take:

While many, including our own Copley, have found that RevitaLash does, in fact, allow users to grow longer, fuller eyelashes, there are a number of risks associated with using this product. RevitaLash is not yet FDA approved,  although Athena Cosmetics insists that their products are "very safe" in a number of different places on their website. The RevitaLash website states that the product may cause discoloration of the skin around the eye and, if the product comes into contact with the eye itself, the pigment of the iris may be darkened. More troubling than the aesthetic damage this product may have are the irritating and harmful ingredients in the RevitaLash formula, including chlorphenesin, which can cause contact dermatitis and respiratory depression, and phenoxyethanol, which can shut down the central nervous system, cause reproductive damage, and is listed by the Material Safety Data Sheet as harmful if absorbed through the skin. So, while RevitaLash may be capable of giving you the doe-eyed look you've been craving, the risks of using this product seem to outweigh the benefits.
  • January 5, 2010

    by Jane

    Nice comments Sarah, about RevitaLash. We all appreciate the need for a product to be safe. Not sure about the contents of all the Eyelash conditioning agents, I hope you have spent equal diligence looking at Rapidlash for example. Having said that, RevitaLash has been in the market 3 plus years, and 2 plus in its current formula. No problems I understand, so maybe time sure be the measure of real safety, not conjecture. Also all of the ingredients are approved by the FDA and other health agencies. Once again Sarah, we must be clear the FDA does not approve any cosmetics, they regulate messaging and content. Please express more detail on which cosmetic eyelash conditioners do have FDA approval, and are they defined as cosmetics? You painted a very misleading picture, without equal comparisons.

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