Revitalash Mascara
Reviewed by Chris

I received an email from Truth in Aging, letting me know that I had been chosen to review the new RevitaLash mascara. Usually I'm pretty excited about trying new products, but this time my excitement was at an all-time low. Maybe it was due to the rather lackluster words that had been chosen to inform me of my new product to review: "Its all yours if you weren't put off by Laura's review."

Not too encouraging! But being the beauty and makeup junkie that I am, I will never shy away from trying a new product. The day I received it in the mail, I swiped on a quick coat just before I headed out the door to my bootcamp class. I figured if it could survive bootcamp, it could survive anything.

Needless to say, it didn't even put up a fight. After one hour of heavy breathing and dripping sweat, the mascara had migrated extensively to my undereye area. I couldn't wait to get home and remove it. Strike one.

I gave it another shot the next day. No bootcamp, no heavy breathing, no sweating - just a typical day at the office. And by about midday, I once again had baby raccoon eyes. Strike two.

The worst part was that it did not do a better job of defining my eyes than any typical drugstore mascara. No great length, no great volume. The only thing it defined was the fact that I was wearing mascara, which was obvious from the dark smudges under my eyes. Strike three.

It went in the garbage on the second day.