rms beauty “un” cover up concealer

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Danielle on November 7, 2014


by Danielle

From the first time I tried the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover Up Concealer ($36 in the shop), I knew it would be a permanent staple in my makeup bag. RMS was a new brand to me, as was my sudden interest in seeking out more natural makeup. Previously, all of my go-tos came from big beauty brands procured at the drugstore — concealer, eye shadow, lipstick. When trying a new product, all I ever looked for was the “oil-free” tag and pretty packaging. Now 26, I’ve still got some progress to make, but product by product, I’ve begun replacing all the harmful junk I put on my skin with natural alternatives.

Of course, it’s convenient to use products that can easily be picked up at your corner drugstore, not to mention cheaper — though, my main roadblock was that I found natural makeup products often didn’t apply or hold up as well as their chemical-laden counterparts. But despite previous disappointments and dollars wasted, I decided to give the “Un” Cover Up Concealer a try. It comes in a lovely little glass jar with a twist-off top and can be applied with your fingers. My skin tends to be on the paler side, and I find that “22” is a perfect match for me.

This concealer is incredibly creamy and blends perfectly into my skin while still offering sufficient coverage. I use my fingertip to apply it to any redness or minor spots that need to be evened out. Also, for those nights when sleep is scarce and I wake up to shadowy under-eyes (i.e., just about every night), I find that this works perfectly to brighten things up! Afterward, I apply a pressed powder all over my face to set it, but I think this is just a personal preference and not a necessity.

Another important characteristic is that this does not accentuate fine lines like many other face products tend to do. Now, for those who might be inclined to tell me I’m insane for claiming to know anything about fine lines, know that last Christmas, my observant three-year-old cousin pointed to my forehead and asked me why it had "stripes." It's irrefutable.

This formula is filled with nourishing oils that make my skin happy, like coconut, castor seed and jojoba seed. As Marta pointed out in her review, the only thing standing in the way of perfection for this concealer is the titanium dioxide as one of the last ingredients. But I’m not deterred by this because even with the presence of this one ingredient, the remaining list is an absurd improvement from the ingredients in my old stand-by from Physicians Formula (think parabens, silicones, and a whole smattering of skin irritants). And while $36 may seem like a lot when you were previously buying an $8 concealer from CVS, I find that the RMS lasts much, much longer — I would say about five or six months. I can’t recommend it enough!