RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty’s makeup line could be said to be unconventional. Even their names – take “Un” Cover Up – imply that this is not going to be your auntie’s war paint. The latest product to join the line up is “Un” Powder, a formula that is 100% pure white silica. Extraordinary.

I am already a fan of RMS Beauty and love the founder, celebrity make up artist Rose Marie Swift (see Kristen’s video interview with her and you’ll love her too). Nonetheless, when I first opened “Un” Powder I had to take a leap of faith. The minimalist white box reveals a white lided pot, which on opening reveals a white powder puff, under which is white powder. Actually, not white powder... dazzling white, super soft and fine white powder. I didn’t quite know what to make of it.

After a cautious start, I have now experimented with the powder puff, a brush, no makeup, over Osmotics Inner Light, over “Un” Cover Up, and over La Vie Celeste’s Crème Foundation. I don’t find the puff works to well. At least with my inexpert handling, I ended up with very small but still visible clumps of white powder. Results are far better, I found, when “Un” Powder is applied with a large fluffy brush.

Applied sparingly with the brush, it is gives a truly invisible matte, I would venture to say, porcelain look. Except that porcelain may imply that the skin looks white and, surprisingly, it doesn’t at all – just very even toned and clear.  Now that I’ve got used to it, I like its effects so much that I give my skin a light dusting over Inner Light ($30) and either “Un” Cover or the LVC Crème Foundation  (it works slightly better with the first two).

The supremely healthy conscious Rose Marie Swift has ensured that the silica, which is this powder’s only ingredient, has been cut spherically, as naturally crystaline silica can be irritating. I haven’t found “Un” Powder to be irritating at all. In fact, I don’t even know that I am wearing it – except that I look more “put together” than I usually do.

Ingredients: 100% silica