Robanda Anti-aging hand cream is an intelligent mixture of whitening agents, a touch of retinol and a sunscreen.

The nice thing about Robanda (actually, there are several nice things about it) is that it doesn't use hydroquinone to zap dark aging spots. Hydroquinone is banned in France for cosmetic use because of concerns that it is linked to cancer. Robanda uses liquorice and a mold called aspergillis ferment, which is like kojic acid (a fungi). Both whiten the skin, but will require use over several months (this is not a quick fix solution to aging spots).

Retinyl palmitate is helpful to make the skin look younger and a little thicker. However, this isn't a particularly potent form of retinol and there probably isn't that much of it since it is way down the ingredients list. Good news, though, if you are likely to be sensitive to the drying effects of retinyl.

The whiteners and the retinyl will increase sensitivity to sun, so the SFP 20 is a good addition. Having said that, I couldn't see a sunscreen on the ingredients list that I found oline. I assume that this was an omission.

The only thing in Robanda Anti-aging Hand Cream that I have  a slight concern over is polyacrylamide.  This may be perfectly safe (and one sincerely hopes that it is given that it is used as an injectable filler in a brand called Aquamid) but there is one study that says polyacrylamide can degrade under normal environmental conditions and release acrylamide, a nerve toxin.