Here in the Dept of Daft we were beginning to think that the haircare industry was taking itself too seriously when relief came with the newly launched Blago Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Forget OOKISA, don't waste your money on Kronos Phyx, if you want really BIG hair look no further than Blago, inspired by and, indeed, named after our favorite disgraced, but well-thatched politician, Rod Blagojevich.

"It came to me in a dream", said Dennis Fath, owner of Delta Laboratories. Sounds more like a nightmare to me. Still, you have like the fact that Mr Fath cheekily added to his new shampoo the epithet "Its Bleep'n Golden". Don't assume that Blago shampoo is a cheap gimmick.  A roll-call of superior haircare ingredients keep it honest: silk protein, keratein, panthenol (ProVitamin B-5) , vitamin E, green tea, rosemary, comfrey and orchid.

If nothing else, Dept of Daft has now been inspired by Blago to look to America's political finest for more muses. Sarah Palin, of course, is first to come to mind. How about the Sarah Ultimate Hold Hair Spray that will never let you down on the job no matter how tedious it becomes or mean the media is to you. Or the Mike Bloomberg Volumizing Serum for the small man in need of BIG hair. No time to shower? You can always Cheat With Michael (Edwards) Dry Shampoo. And for those proud of their pate, Buff Up with Rudy Giuliani's Scalp Exfoliator.

Post a comment with your own nomination and we'll find a suitable prize for the one we like best.