Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream

Our Rating: 3 stars

Reviewed by Dennis on July 1, 2015

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I was totally thrilled when I was asked to test Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream ($35 in the shop), because I have seen the hype on bee venom from the very beginning here at TIA, which made me very curious about it.

My curiosity about how bee venom remains, however, since there are conflicting reports about how it actually works. Many of the articles I researched claim that bee venom applied to the skin tricks the system into a perceived mild sting, prompting your body’s natural defenses to send nutrients to heal the affected area, which in turn stimulates collagen and elastin. Royal Nectar’s website makes no claims of that kind of effect—instead their description claims that it gently stimulates muscles around the eyes to help firm the skin. Manuka honey, the other touted ingredient in Royal Nectar’s line is a natural, moisturizing antibacterial and antioxidant.

I really liked the texture and the hydrating effect of this eye cream, but however bee venom applied to the skin actually works, I saw no benefits as far as legitimate under-eye aging considerations. I thought the cream was hydrating on my skin and it smelled great, though! The many reviews of this eye cream here at TIA seem to agree with my results: moisturizing and pleasant, but ineffective when it comes to the 30+ crowd (I am currently 42). As for the packaging,  I did not like the jar all and the spoon was way too fussy.

There are, in my opinion, much better eye creams for those over thirty, but I don’t think I would have a problem recommending this to relatives and friends in their twenties as a moisturizing eye cream (even though I would have trouble explaining to them how bee venom benefits the skin) because it is hydrating, lacks any bad guy ingredients (save for an artificial fragrance), is not irritating and is reasonably priced.