Reviewed by Cheryl

I have been using Royal Nectar Original Face Mask with bee venom ($65) for almost two months. The directions from the Nelson Honey website indicate to: “Apply Royal Nectar daily as part of your skin care routine. Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash off.” However, I use it about two to three times a week, and I leave it on my face and neck for a couple of hours. For me, this fits into my nighttime routine; I use it after cleansing, leaving it on a couple of hours before I rinse it off and go to bed. It is practically clear, and while I would not wear it out, it is not very visible, so you won’t scare your kids or neighbors if you wear it around the house.

While it’s on, my skin looks incredibly smooth, without the tightness you’d expect (I’ve considered wearing it as a primer under makeup!). I have 47-year-old sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, and oily yet dry around my eyes and mouth. I also have redness and spider veins around my nose. The Royal Nectar Face Mask absolutely works with my skin without any irritation or dryness. After a treatment, my skin feels hydrated and pampered - very soft and without the redness that usually follows even a mild cleansing. This is a nourishing mask that also manages to smooth my fine lines and sagging “laugh lines.” I am not sure if this is the bee venom/honey combination? I have never used a mask like this, and I will keep this as a permanent part of my skincare routine. I am impressed enough to want to try other products in this line and see if I can maintain the smoothing effects all day long.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Nector Ease (manuka honey, bee venom), Lanette Wax, avocado oil, tocopherol oil, apricot kernel oil, easyliance, rose hip oil, rose water, bees wax, evening primrose oil, optiphen plus, natural fragrance, cocoa butter, ticaxan, marshmallow extract, manuka oil, lavender essential oil