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Royal Nectar Original Face Mask- reader reviewed and recommended

Royal Nectar Original Face Mask with Bee Venom

Our Rating: 5 stars


Leaves skin softer, smoother and perfectly hydrated


Not everyone may like the smell
January 10, 2012 Reviewed by Emily 6 Comments
A truly fabulous mask that lives up to its royal raves

This is an easy one.  TIA gave me the chance to try and then review the Royal Nectar Original Face Mask with Bee Venom ($68 in the shop) about a month ago, after it had been favorably noticed by Marta in November – you might remember that all this started with the Royal Wedding buzz (ahem) about bee venom.  TIA sourced the Royal Nectar in New Zealand when trying to run down the alleged Camilla favorite, Heaven.

Enough preliminaries.  This product is fabulous.

Mid-December was just the right time to get started with this, given cold weather and lifelong dry skin.  I have used the mask once or twice a week for four weeks – not a long time but long enough to recognize that is both lovely to use and produces notable results, too.   Each time I found my skin feeling really softer, smoother, and wonderfully hydrated. As Marta points out, it’s got a pretty rich consistency and a nice honey smell. (Though somehow, the smell was, for me, reminiscent of old-fashioned cleansing cream – which feels very nostalgic when you’re 56.)

For the price and for all the lovely ingredients described in Marta’s review (not just the honey and bee venom but lots of nice oils too), this is a product I’ll definitely buy again, and, I think, will be a particular godsend during the next couple of cold winter months.  Each application only takes a little bit of this unctuous cream, so I actually think it is quite reasonable.  I can imagine that it will be a nice complement to the La Vie Celeste Restorative Exfoliating Gel Mask ($60 in the shop) that I use for occasional exfoliation.  And I’d try the Royal Nectar companion moisturizer as well on the strength of its quality and performance.

One last comment: Marta mentions that this is very much a mask (I agree) and so she’d advise rinsing it off after 20 minutes.  I have to confess that I went to sleep without removing it a couple of times and was perfectly happy with the results!  I think it’s that un-irritating, and that moisturizing.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Nector Ease (manuka honey, bee venom), Lanette Wax, avocado oil, tocopherol oil, apricot kernel oil, easyliance, rose hip oil, rose water, bees wax, evening primrose oil, optiphen plus, natural fragrance, cocoa butter, ticaxan, marshmallow extract, manuka oil, lavender essential oil.

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  • September 16, 2015

    by Marta

    Hi Lydia, there are no contraindications on the packaging for pregnancy. A patch test is recommended in case of bee sting allergies.

  • September 16, 2015

    by lydia

    hi there

    i want to ask can face mask be used if pregnancy


  • November 9, 2014

    by Gina

    Hi Marta, can you please give my above review 5 stars. I do love this product and I am going to buy it for my 70 year old mother for a Christmas present. She was visiting me last weekend from out of state and I told her to try it and see if she liked it and she did. I am not a good daughter as I was going to just give her my jar but I didn't want to be without I told her I would be buying her one instead. All that to say, please put 5 stars on my review. thank you.

  • October 3, 2014

    by Gina Fair

    I have never left a review because, to be honest, I have never used a product that I felt made a visible difference in my skin. I have used $200 products to $20 and everything in between. I am 51 and am blessed to have good skin. So, this is the first review I have written, and all the praises that other users have mentioned are true. My lines have diminished-my face appears smoother and firmer. I use it on my neck for all day wear. I love it and when my jar is empty I will reorder. The only negative is that it smells like baby rash ointment Desitin. But the smell does go away.

  • June 21, 2014

    by Debra Wotherspoon

    This mask was number one on my Christmas wish list. I LOVE everything Kate and was dying to give it a try. As the duchess might say, it's "brilliant!" This mask smells yummy, leaves my 40ish skin glowing and soft. Over time, my skin looks more plump and fine lines reduced. Thanks Kate!

  • March 9, 2013

    by Marta

    There is even more to buzz about: bee venom may prevent spread of

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