S.W. Basics Body Scrub 6 oz

Our Rating: 5 stars

by Alyson

As a 61 year old woman, I’m using a plethora of products for my moderate adult acne, dry skin, and wrinkles. Truth be told, I had few expectations for the S.W. Basics Body Scrub ($22), except to feel good and exfoliate without scratching. 

After using the product twice a week for two weeks, I was surprised at how soft it made my skin. It completely exceeded my expectations of a body scrub in that there was no scrubbing involved. Simply moving the product around in gentle circles led to immediate softening effects, and a little went a long way. 

The shredded coconut worked as an excellent exfoliator and rinsed off easily. The floor of the shower wasn’t too gritty or slippery afterwards. I found the coconut fragrance to be light and pleasant, and the rough-cut demerara sugar was thick, but melted into my skin. The coconut oil drenched my skin in moisture, and eliminated my need to apply body lotion after my shower. I smelled like a baking dessert. 

Hence, it’s no surprise when I say that S.W. Basics Body Scrub is an at home spa experience. I was very happy with the scrub’s ability to keep my skin moist and remove dead skin cells. Even without applying a moisturizer, my legs were noticeably less ashy. The scrub also softened my cuticles and was used pre-manicure and pedicure. It appears that three simple ingredients have created a product that works. I highly recommend it, and look forward to keeping it in my skincare regimen.

Ingredients in S.W. Basics Body Scrub: Demerara Sugar, Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil*, Organic Shredded Coconut*