Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on November 21, 2016


By Leslie G.

I just finished my month long test of Saison Autumn Cleansing Grains ($35). I was very intrigued by the philosophy of Saison Beauty.  The company has skin care regimens for all four seasons, believing that your skin has different needs for each.  According to the company, your skin produces less oil and tends to get dry and flaky in cooler months, which describes my skin perfectly. Also, the older I get — I just turned 50 — the more I try to use all natural products, as I believe there are many benefits from things that are not grown in a laboratory.  Saison Beauty delivers on my quest for all natural products.

Interestingly enough, the first ingredient in the cleansing grains is baking soda, followed by kaolin clay, honey, organic pineapple, organic milk powder, organic grape, organic rice and fragrance form essential oils.  I found mixed reviews on baking soda for use in skin care, as many sources claim it can be quite drying, but maybe the other ingredients help balance it out. Kaolin clay is known for its purifying properties, honey as a soothing and moisturizing agent, and pineapple for its powerful antioxidants and resurfacing abilities.

I must admit that using a cleanser that doesn't foam and cannot be used with my cleansing brush took some getting used to. The instructions tell you to use the small spatula that is included to put two to three scoops into your palm, and then add water to make a paste.  I found it took more than three scoops — more like four or five.  It can also be a little messy. 

That being said, the cleansing grains did what they claimed.  My skin felt very soft, dewy and clean.  The scales I am prone to on the side of my nose are gone. I really looked forward to washing my face at night to enjoy the earthy scent. I would also leave it on for five to 10 minutes once a week, thinking that the fruit enzymes would be a nice exfoliating mask. Overall, I really did like the cleansing grains by Saison Beauty and will definitely look into buying more products from the company.