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Scändic Naturlig Restorative Moisturizer Review

Scändic Restorative Moisturizer
September 10, 2018 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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Phenoxyethanol included

By Filippa

I’m in my 50s, have combination skin (a bit more oily in the “T zone” area and drier on the cheeks. My skin usually gets drier in the winter, and then more oily as the summer comes, so a good balance is essential for keeping my skin happy. I have been trying to use more natural products lately in my skincare routine (less chemicals, more natural ingredients) as I’m getting older, and frankly, I don’t want, or have the time to, spend lots of time in the bathroom slathering 10 or more serums, moisturizers, potions & lotions on my skin (it probably wouldn’t put up with it anyway; my skin can be a bit finicky!). So when I got the instructions guide with Scandic Naturlig Restorative Moisturizer ($60 in the shop), I have to say I was a little bit wary.

I knew this product was a night cream, and as I’ve been looking for a good night cream, I was excited to try this one. It says in the instructions to “Use this product at night only! Do not use under makeup”. They also caution you that “This product is very potent (it says ‘only use this product at night’ and ‘this product is very potent’ twice in the guide), and to only use a little bit at first until your skin “adjusts” to the active ingredients, then you can use two pumps of the product. They also tell you to put it onto cleansed and serum treated skin and gently massage in.

Another of their “warnings” told me that they “recommend caution when mixing and matching our products with other skincare brands, as we cannot guarantee that they will play well together”. (They then tell you, though, that their products are compatible with each other).

So to be very fair and honest in my testing, I discontinued all of my other night time skincare treatments (except a mild vitamin E serum), so I could know if the effects (good or bad) were coming from this moisturizer and not something else I was using (I only used a sheer Dr. Jart moisturizer in the daytime.

I was cautious as they suggested, using it sparingly for a week until I thought my skin had “adjusted”, and then used it as directed. When you first put this on your skin, you notice a very light, floral scent, which is very pleasant. Behind it there is a very slight chemical smell, but nothing heavy, and I don’t think it would bother anyone, even with sensitive skin. I noticed that as you massage it into your skin as they suggest, at certain places you feel little pieces of skin that ball up. I took this to be part of the exfoliation of the cream, as in when you use a scrub (As time went on, this stopped; I’d say after a couple of days. It may depend on whether you exfoliate often or not).

My skin felt very soft after using this, especially after I’d gotten used to it and was able to put a bit more on my face. I did notice a slight redness after applying, but that went away after about 10 minutes. The next morning, I think my skin looked even better than it had the previous night! I knew this might be wishful thinking, so I waited to use it again the next night, and again in the morning, my skin looked smoother and softer, and really fresh.

Looking at the lonnnggg  list of ingredients, I have to say that a lot of them are the usual good-for-your-skin items, such as hyaluronic acid (good for drawing moisture into your skin), honey extract (again, another good moisturizer), glycerin, citric acid, and rosehip oil.

Other ingredients, like Phenoxyethanol, are a bit more puzzling, as it is used mostly as a preservative, a bactericide, and even an insect repellent in some sunscreens! Another, dicaprylyl ether, is an emollient, but unlike most, it provides a non-greasy, dry feel to the skin and is found in moisturizers, sunscreens, foundations, hair dyes, and eye creams, helping the slow-spreading ingredients to spread more quickly in products.

I like this cream a lot. It does stay a bit tacky on your skin until it sinks in (about 5 mins. tops), but after that, it feels very silky. I’ve noticed that my skin looks smoother after using it for 30 days, and the lines around my eyes and especially the ones in between my eyes (the ones I wanted to soften the most) have lessened a bit. I would say that this cream is good for women (and men) who have drier skin, and need a good dose of moisturizer, along with some exfoliation. I imagine this cream would work really well in the winter time, especially. I do think it’s a bit pricey for what it does; there are a lot more inexpensive products out there that work as well, in my opinion. I would put this in the luxury skincare section. If you have the money to spend on it, I would absolutely recommend it.

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