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Schique Radiant Glow Review

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Dull Skin, Uneven Skin
Schique Radiant Glow
February 1, 2019 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A game changing exfoliator


Contains probiotics and vitamins



By Jill

I will start with saying that Schique Radiant Glow ($42 in the shop) has been a true game changer in my skin care routine. My skin is fairly clear, small age spots here and there, not too sensitive, however very much “combination” skin. I do have occasional breakouts; however, I live in a very dry/hot state, and it's so important I keep my skin moisturized and with lots of SPF.

This particular scrub does not dry out my face or make it feel less moisturized. In fact, what I like most about this scrub is its more of a gel type solution than a hard scrub that comes out in a big clump. I will have to say that I do go out of my way to find very good moisturizing products for my face to keep my skin moisturized as much as possible. Prior to trying this product, I have not done any type of scrubs on my face or facials, so adding this into my daily routine could not have come at a better time. Each morning, I wash my face to ensure its very clean, pat dry, and then use Schique Radiant Glow.

What enticed me most about Schique Radiant Glow was the active ingredients and what benefits it holds. Knowing that this scrub has Vitamin E, probiotics, and Vitamin B (and many more, however these caught my eye), with me always trying to take the best care of my skin, seeing these active ingredients are so important and wonderful being in the state I am in and keeping my skin looking its best. Personally, I know that vitamins help feed the skin, help with fine lines and wrinkles, and protect from environmental toxins. Using this scrub each morning prior to applying my makeup has helped tremendously!

My face does get a little pink each time I do use this, not that it’s too strong, but to me, tells me it’s increasing my circulation in my skin and helping with my pigmentation. The pinkness does not last long. While using the scrub, I wet my hands and use in a circulator motion for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. My skin is very soft after and it actually is brighter! After using this scrub day after day, many mornings I don’t even feel the need to apply foundation, just my facial moisturizer. I feel that this scrub has improved my skins appearance so much now it almost looks like I am wearing a foundation or light primer on my face.

Currently I am in my 30’s and I do everything in my power to keep my skin glowing and looking younger. Adding Schique Radiant Glow into my routine has exactly done that. My go to look is a brighter, glowing, dewy look. Since adding this product into my routine each morning, I honestly cannot see myself not using this on a regular basis. It’s changed my skin in the best possible way.

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