sciote anti-blemish vitium cleanser

Reviewed by Mark on November 28, 2014

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Among the several challenges my days may start with, there is the ever-present one of how best to cleanse my face. This may sound trivial, but a drawer full of cleansers destined for the trash proves the point. Many designated for oily skin are too harsh, stripping my skin, which ultimately makes it produce more oil. Others didn’t cleanse thoroughly enough.

Having read TIA’s positive reviews for other Sciote products, the opportunity to try the Sciote Anti-Blemish Vitium Cleanser ($44) for face and body was most welcome. Sciote recommends this cleanser for oily and acneic skin types. The ingredient list includes cayenne, which surprisingly (at least to me) is an anti-inflammatory that also boosts skin cell renewal. Clove is also included for antiseptic properties and salicylic acid/willow bark to treat acne and bacteria.

I liked this cleanser from the first use. Only a small amount (about half a pump) is needed for the face, so the bottle should last a long time. It cleansed really thoroughly but didn’t strip or leave my skin feeling dry or taut. I also liked that it rinsed completely away without having to scrub to remove it. I didn’t have any blemishes when I began testing the product and my skin remained free of breakouts throughout. I'm in my 50s, and having oily skin, I do have the occasional problem with clogged pores and began the test with a couple of blackheads, but they disappeared, and I haven’t had any to appear during use. After weeks of daily use, I have found a new cleanser and highly recommend it (and have since sent the others to the trash).