sciote anti-blemish vitium soothing perfecting pads

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on June 18, 2014


by Lori

I was recently given the opportunity to try the Sciote Anti-Blemish Vitium Soothing Perfecting Pads ($45). I'm in my late-30s, and I am fascinated with this Vitium (anti-blemish) line, as it is really and truly all-natural. No yucky chemicals hiding among some botanicals, no botanicals processed to the point of being inorganic. It’s just an honest to goodness natural line with ingredient labels that read as much like a recipe as a skincare product.

There are really no unfamiliar ingredients. The only ingredients one might have questions about are MSM and cayenne. MSM is a type of sulfur used to treat many health conditions including arthritis, stress and fatigue and hair loss. When used topically for acne, it works by removing the dead skin cells that build up. It also reduces the pain associated with blemishes. Cayenne, long known to have health benefits when ingested, works topically as well. It heals acne by being anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It increases blood flow to the skin and kills bacteria deep within the skin. The increased blood can also give some relief from topical pain.

Sounds good, right? And it is good but not great. When I received this product, my skin was angry — red and irritated with several small spots. Within two days, the spots and redness were gone completely. I was blown away and convinced Sciote had found the cure for acne. I became obsessed with the brand and researched it constantly. I decided I MUST have the entire line. Then, May hit and brought a boat load of stress, with a lot of time spent on the road and all the fast food that goes with it. That tiny little breakout I thought was so bad when I started the pads seemed like a pleasant memory. For the past two weeks, I've been fighting cystic breakouts, but here's the crazy part: except for the three or four enormous cysts I have, my skin looks amazing. I have had NO redness since using these pads and my pores look more refined, giving my skin a better texture overall.

Final verdict? I'm still impressed with this line. I think if you have mild acne or even experience those weird rosacea bump breakouts this product will work wonders for you. However, for cystic acne (as with most products) it’s a no-go. I have consistently used the pads day and night after cleansing, and they leave only a slight residue — much less than many treatment pads I've used. At $45 for 60 pads, it’s not an overly expensive product. I would've repurchased in a heartbeat after the first week of use, especially since I hadn't had a cystic breakout in years. But since it didn't do anything to prevent the cysts and hasn't done anything to speed in healing, it sadly wasn't the miracle product I had first thought. Though, for those with mild acne, redness or rosacea, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.