sciote peptide+defense firming day crème

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Kimberly on July 16, 2014


When I talked to Danielle at Truth In Aging, I discussed my concerns and difficulties in finding a day cream that both contained skin beneficial ingredients and went well with my makeup. That's quite a tall order and thus far, had not been too easy to find for my mid-50s skin. Everything was too oily or just didn't do anything to alleviate my skin concerns. She suggested that I try and review Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Day Crème ($80 in the shop).

This crème piqued my interest upon reading the ingredient list, as I know that amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  These are proteins, which can have a positive effect upon cells. They can help improve skin that has been scarred or has stretch marks. In addition to hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, Sciote also manages to pack in B5 (panthenol), shea butter, and green tea as well as other organic skin goodies. The only ingredient that looked "iffy" to me was Phenoxyethanol which was next to last on the not-so-long list of ingredients.

And just as I had begun to give this matte, lotion-like day moisturizer a workout, Marta published an article here on TIA where she did a wonderful job of explaining amino acids and their potential skin repairing benefits. I definitely recommend that you read it if you haven't already, and if you have, read it again!

The Sciote crème has a light, lotion-like consistency. It is slightly yellow naturally, so don't let that put you off. It contains no added fragrance that I can tell. Amazingly, since it is matte, it still glides across the skin, and it only took me a couple of full pumps to get ample coverage for my entire face, neck and upper décolletage. It sinks into your skin quite well in about five minutes or less and gives a moisturized feeling without leaving any tackiness. I must add that I had absolutely no piling when using this over any and all of my various serums. My face stayed thoroughly moisturized for a full day, both with and without makeup, and it never became shiny. This is unusual because I definitely have oily areas still to this day. I use a sheer, tinted moisturizer, and I actually believe that it stayed on quite a bit better with Sciote Peptide Firming Day Crème.

I have to say that my expectations for this product were met and exceeded. I began to notice increased tone and overall plumpness to my face, and it also began to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles after about one month's use — even my neck seemed to look better. Although after two month’s use, my neck is still a bit saggy in places. Sometime during the past two months of use, the "crepey" skin on my neck seemed to have disappeared, and its overall tone is better. I even used this over my eye serum for great results. Overall, you get 1.7 ounces, and I suspect it will last about three months. I consider that a great price for a great product at only $80. I would recommend this product for any woman who is looking for a very good matte moisturizer, no matter her age. You might want to use less if your skin is more oily. I want to thank Truth In Aging for bringing this wonderful cream to my attention, and it will definitely find a place in my routine, especially this summer.