Sciote Pure & Natural Body Wash

Reviewed by Marta on April 27, 2015

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Many members of the Truth In Aging community know that I am a stickler for good cleansers—and that goes for body washes as well. Surfactants (the things that make cleanser foam and suds) are harsh for the skin, binding to the proteins of the stratum corneum (source). A gentle and effective body wash is immediately and noticeably less drying and means that I can even use less body lotion after my shower. Always on the lookout for a great one, I was excited to try Sciote’s Pure & Natural Body Wash ($28).

The Sciote body wash gives a great first impression with a lovely scent and a light, silky feel. But my main concern was what surfactants were being used. Soaps and detergents can damage proteins, interact with keratins, swell skin cell membranes and decrease the skin’s water-binding capacity (source). In short, bad soap dries the skin out and prematurely ages it.

So I was pleased to see that Sciote’s sudser is decyl glucoside, which is coconut-derived, gentle enough for baby products and posseses moisture-binding properties as well. Then there’s coco-glucoside, which Duhring Chamber Test lists as having the lowest irritation score of all common surfactants, and coco-betaine, another relatively mild cleanser.

My inner hippie likes that the oil used is from cannabis (although I have to admit not the version that has the psychoactive compound). Still, hemp oil has benefits for the skin—it has the same fatty acids that are in skin lipids and it lubricates beneath the surface of the skin. Itchy, dry skin (my plight this past winter) is also greatly helped by hemp oil. There are plenty of other good things, including soothing calendula, detoxifying burdock and mineral-rich nettle leaf extract.

Using Sciote’s Pure & Natural Body Wash has had the kind of effect on my skin that I would expect from switching lotions. I have really suffered this winter (and non-existent spring) from an itchy, flaky, rash-prone body from neck to toe. This body wash has really contributed to reducing these symptoms and leaving my skin more comfortable after shower. Of course, I still need to moisturize, but my skin feels way less needy.

Initially, I found that I was using too much of the product. As it isn’t very sudsy, it was a little hard to gage. Ultimately, I found it best to give a couple of pumps to a dampened wash cloth. This gives enough for a top to toe cleanse.

Sciote’s Body Wash comes in three scents. Mine is Gira Sole and I find it to be subtly citrusy and a little gingery. In fact, Sciote says the blend is yuzu, grapefruit, blood orange, red ginger and green tea.