sciote vitamin c face creme

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 30, 2015

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by Joan Esposito

I have recently finished testing the Sciote Vitamin C Face Crème ($70). I used to have more normal skin, but I have drier skin now at the age of 57. My skin is relatively clear, not much breaking out, but I have more sun spots then I’d like. Thankfully, not much wrinkling so far on my face although I do have some lines around my eyes.

I first opened the product and it had a nice smell, like chocolate. It also had a very enjoyable creamy texture, not too thin like some creams. I have used creams and serums with vitamin C, but never one that was this creamy and more of a moisturizer. I have read vitamin C helps with the production of new collagen, and I anticipated seeing smoother skin as a result of using this.

I used Sciote Vitamin C Face Crème daily in the morning and evening on face and neck. I only used some SPF 30 sunscreen during the day over it, as well as some eye cream. I like the way it felt smooth on my skin, not greasy. I felt my skin looked dewier and not dry at all throughout the day.

I have one spot on my face I had hoped it might fade a little and it appears that it has. I don’t see a reduction in wrinkles at this point but I feel I have not used it long enough for it to visibly smooth my skin yet. I hoped the cream would help with dryness and it has made my skin feel more hydrated. It is also helping even my skin’s texture, and should hopefully smooth with wrinkles after continued use.

It’s hard to tell what this product will do in the long run at this point and I know it can take a few months for visible results. Still, it’s a nice cream and I will keep using it in my routine.