Given the fleeting results of collagen or even hyaluronan fillers, anything with more longevity is of interest. The so-called liquid facelift promises to last up to two years.

So what is it? Manufactured under the trademark Sculptra, the liquid facelift was approved by the FDA in 2005 to plump up the hollowed cheeks of ultra-thin kidney or AIDs patients. Sculptra is made of poly-lactic acid and is injected to add volume beneath the surface of the skin.

It is claimed that Sculptra actually stimulates production of collagen. However, I haven't been able to verify that with any hard evidence. Claims that this is one of those lunchtime treatments that will have you back at your desk before anyone will miss you are also not borne out by studies or anecdotal reports.

The cost ranges from around $800 to $3,000, depending on the number of vials used and how many areas are done.