A reader alerted me to SD Lashand it does look like one of the safer and, potentially, more effective eyelash growth products. There are no prostaglandins. It is made by Phoenix Medical and sells for $98 for 0.5oz.

The fact that it comes in a tube and doesn't have a wand applicator is a nice touch. Assuming you use a clean pinkie, this should be a more hygienic approach. The most promising ingredient in SD Lash is hexapeptide 11. This is a biofermented peptide derived from yeast. Tests on human dermal fibroblasts have shown that it can boost collagen. However, hexpeptide 11 also seems to stimulate the androgen receptor gene, binding to it in the way that testosterone would. This has led to speculation that it will stimulate hair regrowth.

SD Lash also contains peony and apple extracts, which are supposed to strengthen hair. Castor oil and gylcosaminoglycans soften brittle lashes. There is sodium hyaluronate to moisturize, and green tea provides the antioxidant.