seams hand cream

Reviewed by Marta on November 17, 2014


If you thought that being a fashion design student was all about sketching and getting dreamy eyed over textiles, then know it is a hazardous pursuit resulting in burns and cuts, dry and sore skin from the use of hot irons, sharp scissors and needles. A busy seamstress needs a very good hand cream, and so SEAMS was conceived.

SEAMS Hand Cream ($16) is made in the UK by Karen J Gerrard, a former fashion student. It is an affordable, moisturizing cream that repairs and protects. And it is extremely pleasant to use with its relaxing scent. One of the goals was to make the cream fast-absorbing so that textiles can be touched straight away. I find it takes a minute to really absorb, but then it is completely non-greasy.

The ingredients are mostly well-chosen. Macadamia nut oil is brimming with fatty acids and is very nourishing to the skin. Keratin strengthens nails. There’s also a complex marketed as Delentigo that is based on garden cress sprouts, an antioxidant, and soy isoflavones. Together, they are supposed to prevent and regulate hyperpigmentation. Another useful anti-aging ingredient is the antioxidant rosehip extract.

The distinctive and, to me, delightful scent comes from fragonia oil. Agonis Fragrans is an Australian plant that is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and to aromatherapists, fragonia’s scent is used to balance emotions. It’s certainly one of the reasons that I keep a tube on my desk and reach for it several times a day.

The formulator of SEAMS was a little heavy-handed with preservatives for my taste and could perhaps have avoided the use of the neurotoxin phenoxyethanol, plus sodium benzoate, which, among other things, can destroy DNA. Also, there is an unnamed chemical fragrance and butylphenyl methylpropional, a fragrance that is a known irritant. Overall, though, SEAMS has stitched together a hand cream where the good far outweighs the bad.