Hi all, I hope you are all well. I just wanted to put this down for you all to read as it has come as quite a surprise to me and wanted to know what you think. I went to have a skin scan on Friday last week. It took 7 photographs to show up various things in my skin. Lines, Collagen, Skin barrier, Pigmentation, Deep damage (not shown up yet) and UV damage.

I know my skin is pretty good these days but I just wanted to see what this machine said. So I put my chin on it, and start worrying that it would find a wrinkle that I have not noticed, wishing I had taken a Diazepam to prepare me for what I was about to learn.

Then the pictures came up. Thank god, very little showed up. A few areas with minute sun damage and a line or two I knew were there and a few areas where my skin needed more moisture etc. But, and this is what amazed me, my whole beard area totally and utterly perfect. Not even a slight blip on the picture. Nothing whatsoever.

I have really thick stubble and shave every day with a razor. I use a good shave cream and am so careful when I shave. So has shaving stopped my beard area from aging? I think it must have as even my mustache area was totally clear of any signs. The regular exfoliation of using the blade must be keeping the area renewed and with it being an every day thing it has just stopped it from happening. Maybe causing the skins dermal matrix to renew itself over and over again is the way forward. Now I think about it when you see an older gentleman you notice that his lower face is normally wrinkle free (although of course it will go slacker due to loss of muscle tone).

So now I’m thinking, should I use a razor on my forehead? Carefully of course as I am quite attached to my eyebrows and eye lashes lol (and my cheeks and temples). Should I shave them every day and see what happens? I’m not sure… it seems kind of weird. I wonder if a lady shaved her face every day even though there was no hair present if it would help also.

Something to think about.