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Sheer Miracle Organic Argan Oil- reader reviewed and recommended

Sheer Miracle Organic Argan Oil

Our Rating: 5 stars


Argan oil is high in fatty acids


Absorbs slowly
December 9, 2012 Reviewed by admin 1 Comment
A must-have multi-tasker for dry skin, acne, eczema and damaged hair

I confess, I’m quite behind on the whole Argan oil craze. I’ve been seeing it discussed and popping up in products for quite some time now and just haven’t had a chance to try it out. Until the Truth in Aging staff sent me a sample of Sheer Miracle Organic Argan Oil ($22 in the shop) to review, that is. I just had to see for myself if this Argan craze had something to it. My trial has led me to answer a resounding—YES! Particularly if you experience acne, eczema, or severely dry skin, Argan oil is something you need to have in handy.

If you’re like me and know little or nothing about Argan oil here’s a little history: it’s produced from the nut of the Argan tree, which is and endangered tree that grows naturally in the Middle East (particularly Morocco). It’s deep root system prevents soil erosion and the northern progression of the Sahara Desert. It takes an entire year for the fruit to mature and the nuts have to be cracked by hand to get to the desirable seeds, which makes the oil time consuming and expensive to produce. Most of the shelling is done by women’s cooperatives and it helps support women and the local economy. The fruit flesh is fed to goats, and after cold-press extraction of the oils, the remaining seed cake is also used to feed livestock. I liked the social and environmental aspects of this particular product, as well as the fact that Sheer Miracle is using the organically grown oil. From a sustainability aspect, this product gets high marks.

As a cosmetic oil, Argan is comparatively more expensive than some other oils, but priced at $21.50 for 2oz, Sheer Miracle’s Organic Argan Oil decidedly won’t break the bank, particularly since a drop goes a very long way. Its benefits also make it worth the slightly higher cost. Argan oil is very high in fatty acids, including two of the Essential Fatty Acids that cannot be produced by our bodies: Linoleic Acid and Alpha-Linolenic Acid. It is naturally high in Tocopherols (Vitamin E) as well as a host of natural Phenols, also known as antioxidants. Argan has been praised for its anti-inflammatory properties and is supposed to be an excellent hair moisturizer.

I decided to test Sheer Miracle’s Argan oil out in a variety of ways. First, I decided to replace my moisturizer with it for the entire test period of six weeks, and my husband (who has terribly sensitive skin) also did the same.  The oil did moisturize well, but I did find it took some time to absorb, which made it interesting when applying makeup. My husband, who is not a makeup wearer, was unbothered by the slow absorption and used it regularly each morning. I would recommend using Argan oil as a nighttime moisturizer.  My husband and I both noticed soft and supple skin, even as things get increasingly dry here in the cold northern climes. If you have severely dry skin, this might be useful to add to your regular skin care regimen as an extra moisturizer.

If, like me, you suffer from breakouts – you need to put some of this in your cosmetic arsenal! My forehead was breaking out in an ugly spattering of acne when I began my test. After one application, the redness was gone, and within 2-3 days, my breakout had much improved. The next month, I experienced my usual hormonal break-out, but this time with the application of the Argan oil, the redness and pain was greatly reduced, and it healed in only 2-3 days instead of taking a week or more. I also had less skin discoloration than I usually experience (something I attribute to the shortened duration of the break-out).

The single best use I found for the oil was, however, for eczema. My toddler has a mild milk allergy, and as a result gets scaly patches of eczema – particularly on his scalp. He was having a very bad episode so I decided to try Argan oil on it. I applied 2 drops directly to his scalp and massaged into the scalp and hair. Admittedly, I had a very oily looking kid. I allowed the oil to stay on the rest of the day and overnight. The next morning, it had greatly absorbed, so I applied two more drops. That night, I bathed him as usual and the flaky crusty eczema was gone. Totally disappeared! His hair was also even shinier and softer than usual. I’m also happy to report that three weeks later, that patch has not returned. The use of Argan oil for the treatment of eczema was nothing short of miraculous.

Finally, I was determined to try Argan oil for one of its best-known purposes – as a hair moisturizer. I color my hair with henna, which tends to be drying. It’s not unusual after an application for my scalp to be tight and a bit dry, and my ends to feel dry for several days or weeks. I applied my henna treatment as usual and after washing it out, applied several drops of Argan to my wet hair and scalp. Upon drying, my hair did look oily, but since I did this at night, it didn’t bother me. I shampooed my hair as usual the next day and the oily look disappeared. My scalp fared the best, with none of the usual tightness and dryness. My hair, overall, did look very shiny, but that’s normal after a henna treatment. The ends were much less dry and brittle. I applied a drop of Argan each night to the ends for three nights and did notice marked improvement over the Camillia hair oil I usually use.

As things get cold here, my hands suffer terribly as well. Constant washing had caused my cuticles to crack and bleed. This happens all winter, ever winter. I applied the Argan oil liberally each night before bed and saw a huge improvement in healing and my hands were much less dry. While it did help, Argan oil didn't prevent dryness and cuticle cracking alone. Yet, when combined with a bit of Lanolin, the results were outstanding. This combination also worked on my older son’s severely chapped lips. It’s an oily and sticky combination, so apply it at bedtime and let it work its magic overnight. I suspect this would be even better when paired with one of my favorite moisturizers during the day. Maybe this is the winter that I kick dry fingertips once and for all!

Now that I’ve tested it, I can see why there is so much love for Argan Oil. I can officially say that I will be adding Sheer Miracle Organic Argan Oil to my arsenal of simple, hardworking, multi-tasking beauty favorites. If you want to try it before investing, Sheer Miracle offers a sample size on their website. Since Marta has added some of the Sheer Miracle line to the shop, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the addition of the Argan Oil as well. If you’re like me, you’ll find plenty of ways to use this versatile and effective oil and a full-size bottle is a worthwhile investment.

 Ingredients: 100% Organic, Cold Pressed Argan Oil

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  • December 15, 2012

    by tracy

    Argon oil is the best oil i have tried. I love it in my hair. if you apply to ends only at night, by morning the oily look is gone and the ends are nice and soft.

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