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Facial masks- a reader's recommendations

Facial masks April 2013
April 2, 2013 Reviewed by Naheed 2 Comments

I love facial masks. They are so good for your skin and there are so many to choose from. I particularly like sheet masks – and most of the time, I make my own. A few of my favorite combinations are: green matcha tea and Greek yogurt, kelp and rosewater, and manuka honey with bee venom (Royal Nectar’s face mask, $65 in the shop, contains both ingredients).

Among store-bought masks, my all-time favorite is Su:m37˚ White Award Detox Mask ($45-$55/100ml). It’s a Korean brand and, as you can see, it’s quite expensive. To apply the mask, you spread a thin layer of it on to your face and let it sit for five to 10 minutes (I choose to keep it on longer). It starts to foam, and you’ll look like a ghost (so don’t let your children see you) and the bubbles will pop after a few minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water and  you’re left with glowing skin! I really love this mask. Every time I use it, I get compliments. I can usually get two uses out of each packet.

I also use different kinds of sheet masks, but since I usually put on a mask while I am working out in the morning, I don’t get to use them that often. A couple of days ago, I discovered a new way to try sheet masks. I had a sheet mask on and I decided to use my Ultra Renew ($89 in the shop) in LED mode with red lights. I just kept moving the device slowly over my face for 10 minutes and when I took off my mask… WOW! My face looked so fresh and plump. My nasolabial lines were gone. The sheet mask I used is 2-Step Asia Brightening Pack, which has a small packet of cream attached that you use after the mask. It seems that the LED light helped in the absorption of the serum in the mask. These sheet masks are overloaded with serum. I always put the mask back in its pouch after the first use and store it in the refrigerator because there is so much left over. Then the next time I use my Ultra Renew, I rub the folded sheet mask on my face and follow with Ultra Renew in ultrasonic mode. After doing my whole face and neck, I just rub the sheet on my hands and feet. I really get my money’s worth from these masks!

A few of my favorite sheet masks are sold in Asian shops, such as Missha, The Face Shop, Purederm, Korean Beauty, Etude House and My Beauty Diary, to name a few.

As for DIY masks, so many recipes are floating around on the net. You can find and use the one that best caters to your skin’s needs. Here are a couple of recipes to try:

Yogurt and Green Tea Mask:

2 tsp. Greek Yogurt

½ tsp. Green Matcha Tea

Mix the two and put the mixture onto your face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Rosewater Clay Mask:

2 tsp. Bentonite Clay

Rosewater (I use Reviva Rosewater Facial spray; use enough to make a medium consistency paste)

1 tsp. Lemon Juice

Mix all three ingredients into a paste and spread on your face in a thin layer. Leave on until dry. To wash this off, first wet a washcloth with warm water (otherwise, the clay will be difficult to wash off) and press onto your face to gently remove the mask (avoid rubbing). Follow with a moisturizer.

In the above recipe, you can substitute any other clay or sea kelp for the Bentonite clay.

  • April 3, 2013

    by Christine

    Thanks for the recipes! I'll definitely try one. I had never heard of a 'sheet mask' before, but I tried googling and definitely learned something new!

  • April 3, 2013

    by Naheed

    Please note that in the above article where I talk about SU:M 37, the original packaging is 100ml as shown. I bought sample packets of it on Ebay (much cheaper) after I finished my gift product.

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