sibu beauty sea buckthorn replenishing night cream

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on June 29, 2014


by Lynne

I was asked to review the sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Night Cream ($34.95) in the midst of the polar vortex. I generally rely on applying oils at night, but once the chill of this past winter hit, I was feeling like I needed something that packed some more oomph. I’m in my 40s, with mature skin and some sun damage. My normally combination skin was feeling dry.

The night cream looked great at first glance, scoring a mere one on EWG’s Skin Deep site. Sea buckthorn is the new “it” ingredient in skin care. It’s an herb high in vitamins and antioxidants and promises to help rejuvenate skin. Sibu claims that this night cream will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, protect skin’s “natural lipid barrier,” and reduce visible sun damage.

Simply put, I was delighted with this night cream. It has a light citrus scent, glides on the skin smoothly and absorbs quickly. It does not feel sticky once applied, and the texture is perfect — not too heavy nor light. In the morning, my skin glowed. It felt moisturized but not greasy. I can’t say that my wrinkles or fine lines disappeared, but my sun damage was lightened and my skin looked smoother overall.

I admit I was surprised to see alcohol listed within the first four ingredients. I thought this would be drying to my skin, but I did not find this to be the case once I tried it.