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Simplicite Nourishing Hand and Nail Crème Review

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Brittle Nails, Dry Skin, Sun Spots, Uneven Skin
Simplicite Nourishing Hand and Nail Crème
September 7, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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This healing hand cream will save you from painful cracks, peeling cuticles and itchy palms


13 medical-grade plant extracts protect the skin barrier and promote healing



By Sandy B.

I’m a very fair woman with red hair and freckles and am now in my early fifties. I’ve never been one to pay as much attention to caring for my hands as I do to my neck and face. I don’t have young-looking hands — genetically, they are thin and boney with prominent veins. I try to remember to put sunscreen on my hands or gloves when I’m driving, but otherwise, hand care is not at the forefront of my mind. 

However, there is one problem I have with my hands that does occupy my mind almost daily: My fingertips split. It usually happens more in the winter, but they’ve now started to split year round.  Many of my family members have the same issue. It’s extremely painful and very frustrating, as nothing seems to prevent the splits or even heal them very well. I’ve tried many brands, some created for this very purpose, as well as prescribed creams and topical steroids. I’ve put oil on my hands and worn gloves at night.  I’ve tried gloves with petroleum jelly.  I’ve tried paraffin dips.  They work on the short-term but they don’t prevent the splitting very well over time.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Simplicite Nourishing Hand and Nail Crème ($37.60). Honestly, I didn’t expect to experience anything different than I’ve experienced with other hand lotions and creams. The instructions for use are very simple: Apply at least twice daily, more frequently to very dry hands or areas of eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Massage into nails regularly to improve condition and luster, and massage into hands and feet, especially heels, before bed.

I have to say that I was amazed by this hand lotion almost immediately. I put it on the evening I received it, and the next day, I noticed a difference in my hands and fingertips. They seemed to be healing better and the cracks were closed completely within a week. My cuticles look smoother and healthier, too. I also used the cream on my heels as suggested. My feet are very dry and scaly, especially on the heels. Like my hands, nothing seems to improve the dryness, although I don’t get cracked skin on my feet. The morning after I put this cream on my heels (under socks) there was an improvement in softness.  

Simplicite has been around for 30 years and is based in Australia.  They use medicinal-grade plant and herb extracts that are organically grown.  There is a page on their site with the ingredients they use and the ones they won’t use, which is worth reading. Simplicite uses no animal products, alcohols or artificial fragrances, allowing the extracts to scent the product naturally. This cream smells incredible but not overpowering.

The brand notes lime, orange, and calendula as star ingredients in this cream. Lime is said to calm skin and encourage healing, thanks to plant citral, which also helps reverse sun damage. Orange, also containing plant citral, hydrates, soothes inflammation and improves circulation. Lastly, calendula is said to encourage the restructuring of damaged tissue and is a source of pro-vitamins essential for skin firming.

The cream is thick but not sticky or greasy. It’s absorbed very quickly — I can actually put some on my hands at work and continue typing — and leaves a soft and supple finish. I think a tube this size (3.38 ounces) could last a month or maybe two months. I’m not skimping with the product, but I also don’t need a lot, just enough to address all areas of my hands and feet.

Simplicite Nourishing Hand and Nail Crème is on the higher-end for a hand lotion, and I asked myself if I would pay that much for one. Because of its amazing healing and softening properties, it’s worth it to me. The improvement I’ve seen in my hands and feet (a chronic problem that I’ve had for decades) is astounding. I’ve never had this kind of result with anything I have used on my hands and feet, nor this fast.

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